The main research activities in MOMU-project are

  • to Collect existing practices and state of the art in multiprofessional teamwork in art and social work, especially in the partner countries through its surveys, but also more widely in the EU through the literature review
  • to Examine the definitions of competencies in these two professional fields through the literature review, and find out the commonly used working methods when working collaboratively with young people through its surveys. The project also examines the multiprofessional study modules already used in the partner HEIs.
  • to Interview working-life representatives, associate partners and other organizations and to gain a good perspective of the needs and expectations of the field of art and social work.
  • to Produce example process charts of multiprofessional teamwork, such as the CAST or the HEART models (TBA in resources -page)
  • to Compile the materials into this research report and publish the initial findings in a peer-reviewed research journal
  • and Use the results in the development of the training package (targeted at HE lectures of Art and Social work)