First article published from MOMU project, Contexts and Approaches to Multiprofessional Working in Arts and Social Care, by C.Boehm et al. (2016) in Journal of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences EAPRIL special number in November 2016.

The article offers insight to the premises of the project and multiprofessional working between arts and social work. In this article, we identify the basic concepts informing multiprofessional competencies in arts and social work/care, focusing on their specific cultural contextualisation, as framed within the currently running project MOMU (Moving towards Multiprofessional Work in Art and Social Work). In short, the project aims to define competencies in teamwork and enhance educational/teacher knowledge and skills in arts and social work/care (MPW) by developing learning materials and handbooks in this area and embedding this in undergraduate HE provision. The project builds on the work carried out in the project MIMO – Moving In, Moving On!

The emphasis of this kind of MPW work lies in combining the strengths of different arts and social work/care professionals to work effectively together with individuals or communities to address the identified needs. It is a multiprofessional practice stemming from a multidisciplinary approach to working with communities and individuals.

Conference Presentations


Inga Manzos – Experiences in the youth group activity and effects on well-being – how to evaluate? (2018)

Outi Linnossuo – Activity-based and Art-based Methods in Work and Education in the Field of Social Services (2018)